Frequently Asked Questions 

What do I need to do in order to book an event?

All Tex’s BBQ Express needs is the date, serving time, location, package menu and estimated number of people. We will use this information to complete and send a contract to you. Once we receive a signed copy of the contract and 50% deposit from you in return, your event is booked. We will confirm the specifics of your event (head count, serving time, etc.) one week before the date of the event. Call us anytime to review or update any of your information.

Is Tex’s fully licensed and insured?

Yes, we are a fully licensed caterer in the town of Dedham, MA and insured under a 3,000,000 liability policy.  

Does Tex’s allow any menu substitutions? 

Yes. Tex’s BBQ is very flexible and happy to customize your event menu. Choose among all of our offerings to create the menu you want.

When does Tex’s BBQ Express need a final head count and final payment? 

One week before the event we will call you to update and confirm the details of your event. The remaining balance due will be adjusted based on any changes (number of guests, menu, etc.) made to the original contract. Final payment is due at the event.

What does Tex’s bring to the event? 

For all events, Tex’s BBQ will provide everything necessary to prepare and serve the food. We will bring all the serving utensils and paper products (plates, napkins, wet naps, forks and knives), basic condiments (ketchup, mustard, relish, etc.), and table cloths for the serving tables only. When cooking on-site, we also bring a charcoal grill, serving tables and a tent to cover if needed for the serving area. For our drop-off packages, we will provide the table cloths but ask that you have serving tables available for us to set up the buffet.

How much space does Tex’s BBQ Express need for the event?

For a typical event up to 100 guests, Tex’s only needs an area about the size of 2 parking spaces (approximately 10 ft. by 20 ft.) to prepare and serve a bbq. At larger events, we may need more space to set up multiple grills and serving areas.

As the host, what do I have to provide?

The host should prepare to provide tables and chairs, and perhaps a tent, where your guests can sit and eat, and trash barrels for disposing used plates and napkins. Also, any arrangements for alcohol service will have to be made separately. 

When does Tex’s staff arrive at my event and how long will they stay? 

When we cook on-site, we will arrive approximately 1.5-2 hours before the serving time stated on your contract. At events with more that 500 guests, we will arrive 3 hours before serving time. To set up and serve a drop-off menu, we will arrive 15 minutes before serving time. Please let us know if there are any special or unusual circumstances regarding the location or set-up for your event that might require extra time. Tex’s BBQ Express will be at your location for approximately 4 hours. This time includes arriving about 1.5-2 hours before serving time, serving for 1 hour and cleaning our area around the grill, which takes about 0.5 to 1 hour.

Does the Tex’s staff need access to electricity or water? 

No. We bring our own grills and cook with charcoal (for clambakes we use propane) so we do not need any electricity. Access to water can be helpful but is not necessary.

What happens with any left over food at the end of the event? 

All cooked and prepared food will be left with the host of the event. Tex’s BBQ staff will simply transfer the food to one of your tables.

Who is responsible for the trash?

You are. You should have trash barrels available for your guests to use. Tex's will not remove trash from the event site.

What if it rains?

Tex’s will cater your event rain or shine or snow - we set up tents over the cooking and serving areas. Of course, we can always serve the buffet indoors if there is space available. If the weather forecast predicts extremely heavy weather during your event, Tex’s BBQ Express is one of the very few caterers who will allow you to reschedule the event without imposing any fee. We only request that you notify us of your desire to reschedule at least 24 hours before the event.